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financial planning resources

Fraud Protection

  • FINRA.org (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority) –  Finra helps you spot the red flags of fraud and identity theft, and avoid the persuasion tactics of fraudsters.
  • AARP Bulletin April 2017: Fraud Squad with Gerri Walsh (PDF) – Article: How to Stop Fraud. The Ultimate Guide to Protect Yourself from Scammers and Crooks

Tools & Calculators

Financial Planning Brochures

  • Download Free Financial Planning Guides  – by Jeffrey Lewis, PlanningFinancialFutures.com
    Brochures: Annuity Owner Mistakes • Avoid Mistakes in Buying LTC Insurance • CD Shopper’s Guide • The Best Way to Buy Sell or Replace Life Insurance • Six Best and Worst IRA Rollover Decisions • Six Strategies to Help Retirees Reduce Taxes • Helping You Avoid IRA Distribution Mistakes • How to Prosper and Thrive in Retirement • How Wealthy People Use Professional Money Management •  Maximize Social Security Income • Retire Smart: A Simple Guide to a Comfortable Retirement.

Paladin Research Reports

  • Quality ratings for my credentials
  • Paladin researches and rates financial certifications

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