Our Practices

Financial Advisors are not required to volunteer information – there are no mandatory disclosure requirements. It is perfectly legal to withhold information and make you responsible for asking the right questions about their credentials, ethics, business practices, and services.

However, at Planning Financial Futures, we have a different business practice. We volunteer information to make it safer and easier to select our firm as your financial advisor.

In general, there are no documentation requirements. Consequently, many financial advisors provide information in verbal sales pitches with no written record. If there is a future dispute, it is your word against the advisor.

At Planning Financial Futures, we are transparent. Our financial advisors practice voluntary disclosure as follows:

Voluntary Disclosure

  • Volunteer facts so you do not have to ask the right questions
  • Practice full disclosure for all pertinent information
  • Document the facts so you have a written record
  • We provide independent advice; no conflicts of interest
  • We do not sell proprietary products

Our Independence

Our firm does not manufacture proprietary investment and insurance products. We provide open-architected solutions that are based on freedom of choice. We do not limit your choices to products that are manufactured by our firm.

Why is this important? You need facts from an independent source to make the right decision.

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