Our Communications

We believe effective and timely communications are the foundation for a solid, long-term relationship with our clients. We keep you fully informed so you do not have concerns that are based on lack of communication.

Types of Communication

We prefer face-to-face meetings to update strategies, review results, and answer any questions you may have. The quarterly, semi-annual, or annual meetings can take place at your location or our offices – the choice is yours.

Meetings may not always be possible. In that case, we communicate via telephone on a scheduled basis that works best for you.

Online communications are increasingly popular, in particular with clients who are comfortable using technology. Email and video chat are just two of the ways we communicate with clients who are farther away.

Written Reports

There is an old adage in business: “Trust what you see, not what you hear.” We believe this saying is particularly true when your assets and future financial security are at stake.

We provide the facts you need to monitor the achievement of your financial goals:

  • Monthly performance measurement reports document your results
  • Monthly brokerage statements document your holdings, receipt of income, transactions, and expenses
  • Quarterly market environment reports document our views for the future performance of the securities markets
  • Quarterly newsletters provide general financial information that is of interest to our clients

Why is this important? You need facts to make informed decisions.

Have a question?
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