Next Steps

You provide your contact information so we can follow-up. All we need is your name, email address, and telephone number (optional). More information is better so our follow-up meets your expectations.

Telephone Call

You have learned a lot about us in a matter of minutes on our website. The next step is a 10-minute telephone conversation to determine if there are reasons to schedule an appointment. It is important to note:

  • No salesperson will call on you
  • Your contact information is protected by our privacy policy
  • We do not provide your contact information to third parties

We schedule a convenient day and time for a meeting.

The Interview

Let’s assume we provide the services you are seeking. The next step is an interview:

  1. We learn more about your current situation and needs
  2. You learn more about our advice and services
  3. We answer your questions
  4. The meeting can be at your location or ours

Select an Advisor

Your next step is to select the advisory firm that will help you achieve your financial goals. You should make a decision that:

  • Maximizes objectivity and minimizes subjectivity
  • Minimizes the impact of advisor sales tactics
  • Is based on facts; not undocumented sales claims

You select the advisor with the best credentials, ethics, and business practices.

Initial Consultation

We hope you select our firm. In that case, there are four next steps that we recommend:

  • We obtain additional information about your situation and goals
  • We determine the services we will provide to you
  • We provide full disclosure for all expenses
  • We finalize our communications

On-Going Advice & Services

At this point we are up and running. We are delivering the advice and services you need to achieve your financial goals.

We keep you fully informed with reports, meetings, conference calls, and online communications.

We make adjustments to your financial plan and strategy on an as-needed basis.

Why is this important? Advisory firms use different processes to deliver advice and services to their clients.

Have a question?
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