Frequent Questions – About Us

Want more information? Read our responses to some of the most frequent questions that we are asked by prospective clients.

How does your independent advice impact me?
We do not restrict your investment choices to proprietary products that are produced by one company. You have unrestricted choices that enable you to select the best services from a wide range of companies.
How does your boutique firm benefit me?
You have direct contact with the principals of the firm and are not limited to salespeople who work for branch managers, regional managers, and company executives.
How can salespeople claim to be financial advisors?
There are no industry regulations that prohibit this deceptive business practice.
Why are there no mandatory disclosure requirements?
Wall Street fights disclosure requirements for salespeople and advisors. You may not buy what they are selling if you have all of the facts.
Is there an easy way to identify a salesperson?
Their only method of compensation is a commission that is paid by a third party.
Why is fiduciary an important advisor characteristic?
Fiduciaries are required to put your financial interests ahead of their own. This reduces potential conflicts of interest.
Are there non-fiduciaries?
Yes, salespeople who sell financial products for commission are not fiduciaries. They are held to lower ethical standards that do not require them to put your financial interests first.
What is a CRD number?
It is a unique identifier in the FINRA system that makes it easy to find the compliance records of specific financial advisors.
What is your preferred method of compensation?
We prefer to be paid with fees like other professionals you depend on for specialized knowledge and services. In some cases, for certain products or situations, a commission may be received. However, in no case, for the same product, do we receive both a fee and a commission.

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