Frequent Questions – Next Steps

Resolve all your queries & doubts related to financial planning & investment processes. Read our responses to some of the most frequently asked questions from prospective clients from Long Island. You can also contact Jeff Lewis, our firm’s founder, president, and senior financial advisor at (631) 546-5403 or

Will a salesperson contact me?
No, our firm does not employ any salespeople.
Do I incur any expense for our initial discussion?
There are no expenses until you have selected our firm and signed our service agreement.
Who is my key contact at your firm?
Your key contact is Jeff Lewis, our firm’s founder, president, and senior financial advisor.
How do I know what services to select?
That is the primary purpose of the initial, free consultation. We help you determine the services you need to achieve your financial goals.
Should I interview more than one financial advisor?
Yes, it is important to have a choice. Plus, you can compare advisor responses to each other.
What am I losing if we do not meet face-to-face?
Our services and results are not impacted by the way we communicate. Increasing numbers of investors are using telephone and email to communicate with their advisors.
How are you compensated for providing ongoing services?
We are compensated with an asset-based fee (% of assets).

In some cases, for certain products or situations, a commission may be received. However, in no case, for the same product, do we receive both a fee and a commission.

Have another question?
Email or call (631)546-5403.