Expense & Compensation

We provide financial advice and services for competitive expenses for the Long Island community. Our compensation is part of the expense.

Our policy is to fully disclose all of the expenses that are deducted from your accounts. We provide this disclosure before you incur any expenses.

Our Expense Policy

We understand every dollar of expense is one less dollar you have available for reinvestment and your future use.

Our goal is to deliver competitive performance for reasonable amounts of risk and expense.

Our policy is to document expenses for you with a description of the services that you received for the expense.

Our Compensation

A lot is written about how financial advisors are compensated and how their compensation impacts you. For example, financial advisors are compensated with fees; investment sales representatives are compensated with commissions.

We prefer to be paid a fee like the other professionals (CPAs, attorneys) you depend on for specialized knowledge, advice, and services. In some cases, for certain products or situations, a commission may be received. However, in no case, for the same product, do we receive both a fee and a commission.

Our methods of compensation vary by service:

  • Planning Advice & Services: Hourly or Fixed Fee
  • Investment Advice & Services: Asset-Based Fee (% of assets)
  • Alternative Compensation: We may be paid a commission by a third party for the sale of investment and insurance products in special situations.

Why is this important? Every penny of expense is one less penny you have for reinvestment and your future use.

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