Love, Social Media, Fraud and the IRS


This article is a warning, to all the single/divorced women out there, who are financially stable, but are missing out on that one special thing in their lives.  We all want to be loved, appreciated, and cared for.  We want to believe that it is possible to start over, and find true love in [...]

Love, Social Media, Fraud and the IRS2018-03-21T14:24:20-04:00

Why Women Beat Out Men in Investing


According to a recent study by SigFig, a portfolio platform, women are more likely to make money when investing than men. In this study, SigFig looked at 750,000 portfolios and analyzed the anonymized data by gender. In 2014, female investors had 12 percent better returns than male investors. This means that, with $100,000 to invest [...]

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