Why Women Beat Out Men in Investing

According to a recent study by SigFig, a portfolio platform, women are more likely to make money when investing than men. In this study, SigFig looked at 750,000 portfolios and analyzed the anonymized data by gender. In 2014, female investors had 12 percent better returns than male investors. This means that, with $100,000 to invest [...]

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Preparing for Retirement After a Divorce

Men and women nearing retirement who have gone through a divorce are less likely to feel financially prepared than married couples. Women are most likely to feel financially unprepared than men and this is for good reason: According to a recent ING U.S. study, divorced women have, on average, $34,000 less in total retirement savings [...]

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Four Essential Steps For Financial Stability After Your Divorce

Are you worried about financial stability after your divorce? If you are going through a divorce, you are probably experiencing one of the most difficult periods of your life. It’s normal to feel a range of emotions, from fear, anger, and panic, to disappointment, numbness, and grief. It’s important to recognize that what [...]

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Diminished Capacity and the Fiduciary Standard

Sometimes inaction is the right action (the fiduciary standard) when faced with an elderly prospect that presents signs of diminished capacity. A few weeks ago, I took a call from my favorite CPA alliance that wanted to send over one of their “long time clients”.  Normally, I am very pleased with these types of calls [...]

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